HUNGER: The Unstoppable Force

Hunger is the unstoppable force that drives you to success when nothing seems to be working. If you truly want to be successful, you must be hungry because, without hunger, your vision will remain a mere television. A dream without hunger will produce nothing but a nightmare!


In Understanding the Power of Recommendation, Felix Dafiaghor unveils the secrets of the uncommon achiever and how they got to the top through the power of recommendations. In this book you will also learn how to overcome struggles and stagnation. You will also learn why champions and men of influence continuously succeeded and how they go on to increase and multiply their success.


Laws are created to guide people. “Life is governed by laws” says Dr Mike Murdock. Laws are made to avoid ignorance. Ignorance is a killer. That is why it is said “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse” Laws are made to make life easy, but ignorance makes life difficult.

In “Understanding the Power of Recommendation,” Felix Dafiaghor unveils the secrets of uncommon achievers and how they reached the pinnacle of success through the power of recommendations.

This book provides invaluable insights on overcoming struggles and stagnation. You will gain knowledge on why champions and Influential individuals consistently achieve success and how they continue to elevate and multiply their accomplishments.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding of why many talented individuals remain unnoticed in their careers while others with lesser skills receive abundant recognition. Lastly, you will discover how ordinary individuals transformed into celebrities through the power of recommendation.

This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to enhance their visibility, gain valuable recommendations, and increase their recognition.


The Hungry Man’s Journal is a daily inspirational Journal designed to propel and motivate you to achieve your dream. This Journal will definitely inspire you and increase your hunger for success! This 2-minute devotional will set your heart on fire as you start your day. In this journal, you will understand that nothing brings satisfaction like hunger. Also, you’ll realize that a step towards your dream brings your dream closer than ever. Moreso, you will realize that a dream without hunger will end in the desert. And those who wake up hungry will go to bed satisfied.

This Journal will help you comprehend the power of daily motivation and how it affects your dream.

The Hungry Man’s Journal is a life changer and a must-read for everyone wishing to be successful in life.

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