Reaching out to the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the Message of Hope and empowering humanity for destiny fulfillment by the GRACE OF GOD!

Greater Grace Global Mission is highly committed in supporting Missionaries as they help to spread the gospel of the Lord to the uttermost part of the world through various arms of the ministry.

The Felix Dafiaghor Global Network (FDGN) is committed to helping individuals and organisations make their dreams a reality. We believe any dream is achievable once you have the right tools and support system. FDGN, therefore, carries out this task via several platforms and initiatives which include:

Empowerment Programs:

Over the years, we have been involved with several empowerment programs and still have many in the works. The aim of FDGN here is to assist individuals with laudable ideas and dreams but limited resources.

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Leadership Training:

FDGN also organizes leadership training programs to help develop and equip aspiring leaders with the tips and strategies to be the best in their chosen endeavours.

Skill Acquisition:

As part of our work, we also aim at equipping young people in Africa and other parts of the world with vocational skills to help them develop a measure of financial freedom and change their world.

Humanitarian Services:

From time to time, we engage in various forms of humanitarian and community services to help improve the lives of people around the world.


Though still in the works, we have a plan to create a platform where success-minded individuals can connect, network and partner with each other to achieve greater feats in their chosen careers and endeavours.


The Movement

Over the last decade, Felix Dafiaghor Global Network (FDGN) has been engaged in several outreaches and high-impact activities that have improved the lives of many across Africa. These include trips to the School of Special Needs Children, scholarship schemes, vocational trainings, mentorship, leadership training, support and accountability structures and several other initiaitves in the works.

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